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Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

C5 petroleum resin, C9 petroleum resin, coumarone petroleum resin

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Puyang Jiteng
Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional
manufacturer and exporter of top quality hydrocarbon resins inChina. We
manufacture C5 petroleum resin, C5
hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin,  DCPD petroleum
resin, DCPD hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin, C9 petroleum resin,C9 hydrogenated
hydrocarbon resin, coumarone petroleum resin, aromatically modified C5
hydrocarbon resin, C5/C9 copolymerized petroleum resin,
terpene resin.
Jiteng is the leading enterprise inChinain producing and research on
hydrocarbon resin by virtue of the advantages as follows:
1.WideRangeof Hydrocarbon Resins
We can manufacture hydrocarbon
resins from color 3 to color 18 which possess the softening point from 90 to
140 degrees centigrade.
2. High Quality
we will continue to play a pivotal
role in Hydrocarbon resin fields through continued expansion of the facilities,
adoption of a systematic production system, and reinforcement of core
3. Large Quantity
We can manufac... [Details]